September 28, 2020

The sailfish, blue & black marlin

The oceanic faces of absolute determination

The fastest sharpest snouts in the sea 60-80mph

The broadest dorsal fin to team dinner trap shoals of smaller fish

What a motivational: Treat - Roar

Game on Andy Z

With thanks to all my website 10k...

September 27, 2020

Surfs up!

Team sport: what's in a game of can't catch me?

A warm display of intelligence, sociability, playful nature & competitiveness

Amazingly, dolphins have been observed to teach

Perhaps they are even trying to help the human surfers better there skills

Having fun: pur...

September 26, 2020

Free diver Guillaume Nery

Deans Blue Hole

Breath holding for 7 minutes 32 seconds

World record descent -125m without oxygen

Human endurance

How to feel stronger

September 20, 2020

In the spirit of a leopard

Unassuming prowess

Enlivened by presence

An enshrouding diamond encrusted aura of pent-up power

Brought to life via an Oculus

Duly respected by the Serpent Dragon

Bal-iCibril, my thanks

September 20, 2020

One day, hopefully

Mankind may live to bring the animal kingdom to survive in another galaxy

On a water based, earth-like planet

We shall be the aliens, but not for long

We shall fly the UFO, what a massive removal mission

We are forever carbon based lifeforms searching for...

September 19, 2020

The most beautiful, magical piece of music ever orchestrated

Camille Saint-Saëns 1886

The Carnival of the Animals - VII - Aquarium

A suitable piece for a mysterious necklace in this wonderful short story by Cameron Alexander Mott

Focus & defocus carefully executed by Patri...

September 17, 2020

This is Andrin Rehmann at visualisation work on a next level

Duality (Tipper - The Re-Up)

Do take a moment to untangle your new experience adjusted mixed-up neurons

September 17, 2020

Conduit - another pin-point pure 'audialisation' by Andrin Rehmann

As Minsc8Boo perfectly put it on Bandcamp:

"LORN crossed our dimension, came back, and wrote a song about it."

Seeing sound, or hearing sight?

Perceptual cross-talk brain phenomenon

Stimulation of one sensor...

September 17, 2020

Sun, sea, sand

Rocks, temples, metropolis



The outstanding Solar Wind by Stive Morgan

Photovideography to blow you away in a heat haze

September 13, 2020

Whether it be in Egypt, Peru, Easter Island, Turkey, Cambodia, India, or on the Salisbury plain.

Our ancestors from thousands of years before had an incredible and mysterious talent at stone working.

Megalithic blocks weighing tonnes, moved, shaped & built simply like pi...

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