November 24, 2019

Apollo & Daphne, I place thee both as the greatest artwork sculpture in all eternity.

Created with divine inspiration.

From mountain quarry to marble carving, this video from the Frilli Gallery gives us a glimpse of the tremendous effort required.

Modern power tools clear...

October 31, 2019

Keeping a little mystery is good.

A brilliant song. Fiat Lux 1984 - I didn't even know the band's name back then.

Teenage lovelorn diarists beware - keep it locked!

A proposition of light?

Dim them down in the digital Facebook age.

Old School Legacy - thanks for the musical...

October 5, 2019

Indila, what a voice. Great video. No one in it seems to understand or care, that's very cleverly left for the viewer.

"I stir the sky, the day, the night I dance with the wind, the rain

A bit of love, a drop of honey

And I dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance"


August 17, 2019

Coldplay: a fine, involved performance, an outstanding song: Clocks.

The pace of modern life. Work. 24/7 Media. A troubled love.

A way out needed?

Something missing?

Sing your heart out.

Deep relationships are all that matters.

....and Home.

June 30, 2019

Oceanlab asking for another chance - in this anthem of a power ballad - hot blazing, you sure got it.

Combining new entertainment with old to create an intense art form effect.

Javanese leather puppeteers - story telling most skilfully told -  pure plot, an amazing...

June 14, 2019

Whether its for school or work, holiday, or venturing off the planet.

This awesome heart-rending stylish space animation by Fatcatfilms will remind you why:

You should always say goodbye.

Final farewells are the absolute hardest.

Memory cells and emotions become aware of t...

June 9, 2019

Life's not a race.

Nor is it always easy.

Doing it by the book, boring.

What we need is what these puppies have in ooodles.

A willingness to try.

A sense of adventure in play.

Only a touch of fear, for friends are on hand to keep all in check.

Time to appreciate the simple pl...