Mind blowing artificial intelligence. Assistive technology to aid the truly complex human brain

It was only 22 years ago that I made my first delve into the internet with a search on the engine Infoseek (it was for information on central serous retinopathy - thanks go to Tim Josling, a great resource webpage was found). It is incredible to think in that short time where computer power has taken us.

I can now talk to my car, which is more perceptive of itself and the roads around it than ever; I can access more information on the world wide web than was ever dreamed of in a book or encyclopaedia; I can share ideas and information on social media and my website on a global scale.

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of all this, helping us all be more effective and productive in the modern world. But for those with disabilities, especially visual impairment, assistive technology has seen a paradigm shift in leveling the field. Accessing education, entertainment, leisure and work has had a chunk of challenge removed. Brilliant. My recommendations available at thebestsense.com/visual-assistive-technology

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