And they say never work with children or animals....'You want to look in my eyes?!'

It can be challenging sometimes to examine the eyes of our youngest ophthalmic patients. Wriggly, shy, tired, scared of hospitals, had enough, meltdowns.....all kind of grump comes into it.

Paediatric ophthalmology is all about the pleasure of employing various tricks of the trade, reassurance, encouragement, and reward to overcome these obstacles. We succeed 99% of the time and there is the real joy.

The goal is get all information ocular together - diagnosed and fully treated. Only this way can the best potential of developing vision be achieved.

The tricky ages can be 2-3-4-5, as all parents will attest.

Well, as a treat with fun educational entertainment at its heart - a new web page has been created - with a little happiness in mind - and eye learning too.

I trust parents will enjoy half an hours peace and tranquility......

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