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Yuri Gagarin - first human to leave Earth

Makes you think.

What must go through the mind of an explorer taking on a never attempted ultimate challenge.

Excitement. Critical focus. Absolute mission endeavour.

Fear of the unknown? No.

A tonne of adrenaline: yes.

To boldly go.

And never be forgotten.

It's barely 6 decades since this momentous unique event.

"I see Earth! It's so beautiful!"

And ever mindful.

"I looked and looked but I didn't see God!"

How very interesting that in medical report it was stated this man was distinguished from colleagues by his sharp and far-ranging sense of attention to surroundings.

Wonderful tributes by Catherine Laplace-Builhe, Jean-Michel Jarre & Ruslan Truman.

In appreciative thanks, the adventure must continue.

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