Our quest

April 30, 2020


A stand-out gritty emotional journey survival movie - The Grey.


Facing matters of extreme human adversity & death.


Of love and loss.


Of ultimate willpower.


"Don't be afraid"


"Once more into the fray, live and die on this day"


This is strong & deep.


Matched by a most touching musical score by Marc Streitenfeld.


If it's all about finding meaning -  my choice goes to Micheal James abstract macro videography - ahead of simply a film clip.


Liam Neelson: we already know of your personal inner strength and fine acting ability.


On the equanimity of heroic suffering, two enormous, meticulous quotes to share:


"At any moment, man must decide for better or worse, what will be the monument of his existence" - Vicktor Frankl


"He who has the Why to live can bear almost any How" - Nietzche


The clearest thought.


Strive to achieve the task. Strive to appreciate beauty.











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