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Casting Ironbridge 1779

Of all the projects undertaken by direct instruction, can you remember your first?

In 1976, as a 7 year old first year middle schooler, I was thus 'bridges' tasked by my teacher, Mrs Way-rider (?spelling, lost in time).

I must have recently been on a boat trip up the the River Dee....and seen the lovely sight of Eaton Hall Bridge at Aldford

So I thought this was the Ironbridge when I wrote off for an information pack. I vividly recall the letter I received, with the real Ironbridge on the envelope.

I can not recall the eventual results of this piece of work, perhaps a picture & a few sentences. But it certainly stuck with me.

It was years later in 2009 I visited the real Ironbridge, a great family day out with my daughter, mother & father

So then to appreciate the most beautiful bridge in scenic surrounds over the River Severn. A most perfectly appealing 244 year old design. 2029 will be a big year in the gorge.

Well done to Abraham Darby for pioneering the smelting of iron using coke, your grandson Abraham Darby III who cast the ironwork, and to the architectural drawings of Thomas Farnolls Pritchardfor.

Like all projects - be defined & amazed by progress.

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