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Superlatives surpassed

Newly released rip roaring blazing awesomeness.

750S: 60mph in 2.7 seconds & top out 206mph.

What a gorgeous sportscar, what a spine-tingling bar-raising advert.

Ash Thorp, Colorsponge & Pilotpriest have lovingly smashed it.....

"Every frame of this video was curated with intention and a goal to overwhelm all your senses with ingenuity and wonderment."

....and succeeded in being thrillingly visually & musically absolutely the best ever again. Well done gentlemen, and cheers from me.

Millionnaire fans of Mclaren do please line up at the showroom to spend you cash.

The economy of supporting top-form talent brilliance must be kept going.

It keep the rest of us all alive in the game of improvement.

Driver or just admirer.

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