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My father's works of original art circa 1980-90
An oil painting collection by Anthony H Walker 

By trade my dad was a painter & decorator (a good retired one still at that). In his forties he picked up a finer brush and succumbed to the power of artistic creativeness. This energy would wake him at 3am; each work might take a year or more of focused toil to complete.

All artists suffer to a degree for their work. Eventually the palette was dried for the last time. The pictures you here peruse went under the stairs. A few were given away.

Now they proudly see the light of day once again. I am delighted to host this gallery on my father’s behalf in recognition of his personal achievement, and for all to enjoy. That is the sole purpose of art.

I make this single plea. To those who may have come to possess one of the missing works of my father   A H Walker - please make contact - may I request a photograph to complete this online exhibition.


Somewhere out there to find: race horse Never So Bold; race horse Shirley Heights; horses in a field; a Lippizaner horse; a buttterfly; two Collier dogs on a log; a lion; a zebra; ducks on a river; & a grey horse.


My sincere thanks.

An update 2021-3.

Proving artists never lose their touch. My father picks up where he left off 40 years ago.

An eye for detail, a fine brush, oil paint....& the magic of a creative mind.

New oil paintings, one large, one small.

Portraits of two horses added.

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