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the most beautiful blue eyes ever


In restoring ocular alignment there is great joy.

If there are problems with double vision then getting the eyes to work back together is clearly of huge functional benefit.

If there are concerns about appearance, this is not to be considered just cosmetic surgery (which is formally about beautification): squint surgery actually classes as a facial reconstruction to look normal.

Squint surgery is very powerful. It literally gives patients their life back: They can look people in the eye with confidence, without any subconscious distractions in human communication, without any negative psychosocial consequence.

By way of comparison, I tell my registrars (in a light-hearted inter-specialty rivalry kind of way): cataract surgery improves quality of life; glaucoma surgery preserves sight; oculoplastic surgery reverses the ravages of time; retinal surgery attempts to hold drastic visual loss at bay.

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