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High power corneal cross section



My whole philosophy of medical practice has centered on patient safety and high quality service provision.

For me it has always been about proper doctoring, sensible surgery decision making, and operations undertaken with effortless skill.

I enjoy delving into things a bit more deeply, having a perchant for rare and difficult to diagnose conditions. A large part of my clinical work is in offering second opinions.

My surgical success shows in having audited very high levels of satisfaction and very low complication rates, some of the best as have ever been recorded in the literature.

The precious gift of sight should never be taken for granted. Being able to see the world in all its glory is a truly wonderful thing. I know from personal experience what it is like to slowly loose vision as I went short-sighted as a teenager and the joy of being able to see again when I first went into contact lenses!

To the best of my ability and with compassion, know that I treat every patient as I would wish to be treated myself. When I look at or operate on your eye, my approach is that it is my own.

Thank you for taking time to read my mission statement.

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