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Operative care

With modern ophthalmic micro-surgical techniques and equipment, it is possible nowadays to fix just about anything that can go wrong in a mechanical sense with the human eye.


Vision can be restored, eyes straightened and lids fixed.


The potential benefits are truly great. But no one should elect to undergo surgery lightly, without thinking very carefully about the pros and cons.

As your surgeon, I will carefully analyse your problem, make an accurate diagnosis, and advise of the various options available. My aim is to know what is important to you. This can take a good deal of detailed discussion, reasoned thought, and time.

Individual patients will always bring in their own peculiarities, case characteristics and personal preferences.

I am merely an educated professional medical advisor: you are the boss.


Together we must weigh-up how much the problem is causing. Whether liveable and manageable or a struggle and not coping situation - it is something you need to feel in your heart at the end of the day.

It can be a very good idea to sleep on it. Discuss the issue with friends and family, and meet again in more than one consultation, if you wish. This will surely help you arrive at the right decision for you.

A good full understanding of the risks and benefits of the operation will assist in deciding whether to go ahead or not. It forms a vital part in the process of obtaining properly informed consent.


The following risk table is useful.



As an experienced surgeon, I know exactly what I can do with my hands to make things better; but I still out of absolute necessity have to balance the operative risks, however small they may be.


No surgeon should ever let a patient make a bad decision. And all surgeons should be considered basically good at performing surgery.

Know that I am only interested in making the best decision for my patient - every time. My total endeavour is in undertaking the best and safest surgical performance - every time.

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