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Touch reading was slow, laborious and isolating

...Braille has had its day....

the appliance of


another giant leap for mankind


Microsoft app

Turn your phone or tablet into an artificial intelligence device. By pointing the camera it will recognise people & their facial expression. Even better, in a short photograph it  can recognise and read text. Amazing.

Seeing AI

Apple app

Use your smart phone camera to identify colours. May be handy in the clothes cupboard, out shopping, gardening or for various DIY. Paint me a rainbow.

Colour ID

LookTel  app

A money reader. Handy for sorting out cash on the go. If only it could print pounds.

looktel app money reader

BlindSquare app

A popular GPS navigation app that describes the environment, announces points of interest and street intersections as you travel. The World is your oyster.

TapTapSee app

Mobile phone camera image recognition software to photograph objects and identify them out loud for the user. Shopping therapy independence.

Be My Eyes app

A smart phone social app enabling live video link help to analyse a scene from a sighted person. Sharing is caring.

VoiceOver screen reader app

Screen readers grab information off the web and computer and read them out. Absorbing voices too.

Voice over logo

AccessNote app

Efficiently make notes at work, school or home. Search and listen back. Studious.


Dragon voice recognition app

The fastest way to get ideas down, produce stories, reports or essay documents - straight to text.

Dragon speech recognition digital dictation

CloverBook Pro

The fastest way to get ideas down, produce stories, reports or essay documents - straight to text.

Smart home automation

Smart Home Automation

Command and control centre for your home.

Amazon Alexa Smart Speaker

Amazon Alexa

"Alexa can you....dim the lights, put the heating on, email john to come over, order a pizza, tell me what the weather is like..." Tomorrows World is today.

orcam visual aid device camera

Orcam Device

An intelligent camera on your spectacles frame arm. Point and it reads. Recognises approaching faces.

wicab brain port device blindness aid

Brain Port Device

See sensations of objects with tongue stimulation. A spectacle mounted camera provides this pseudovision to those who are completely blind.


UK Charity Resource & Services Centre

Guide Dogs

UK Charity Grants Tech for Children

Girl visually impaired
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