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The science of 3D visual engineering - Michelangelo would be astounded

It is just over 500 years ago, at the Pope's request, that the sculptor Michelangelo began painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. A breathtaking masterpiece of fresco religious art was created, in true visual perspective of the heavens above.

The world has rightly marveled at the grandeur, scale and skill of this awe-inspiring artistic human achievement ever since. To see is to believe, but then you have to believe to see some more.

For one man to have created such impressive visionary art is amazing.

But now Johann Rosario has done something incredible. Witness this - a digital multilayered 3D render of the 2D original - to leave even the great Michelangelo breathless.

In 3D we see detailed appreciation of form. The brain enjoys profound realism. The trick of the mind is that this is still on a 2D screen with no actual binocular spatial disparity; the brain is using all secondary depth clues and the illusion is nearly (but not quite) as perfect as genuine stereopsis.

That is the precious gift from God in the creation of Adam, which we quietly enjoy every day with the benefit of 2 good eyes and an even more wonder-some occipital cortex.


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