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Outro this World

Take a spin around the Earth aboard the International Space Station; travelling at 5 miles per second, it only takes 92 minutes. Enjoy incredible orbital views of our life on our planet, all to a soaring M83 heavenly soundtrack. Thanks go to Nalo for a truly great video assembly. Everyone should see this at least once, and then ponder.

Realising a certain gratefulness yet vulnerability? The beautiful blue sky is not that high. An atmosphere, so delicate, so thin, yet here it sustains and protects us.

A global aspiration. Best we preserve this fragile ecosystem and sensibly re-plant our forests and even our cities. Only way to keep dancing (solar charged particles) Aurora at bay. Encompassing all creatures a playful happy continuance, every human should endeavour to grow as many breathing trees as possible. Know your carbon footprint and (at the very least) replace it. Would that our blue globe be more leaf green. For our future astronauts: I trust will observe. Now and forever.

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