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Raise your tears for those that have passed, they shine in the light of the sun and stars

This video is I think an uplifting epitaph for those that have died.

I lost my dear mother, Suzanne, coming up on 3 years ago; she was a bright chatty hard-working soul, cared for others so much and brightened every ones day; miss & love you mum.

And now my first secretary, Madeline, has also also gone too soon; she was pure gold dedicated to patients, organising their care behind the scenes to absolute perfection. An NHS knight.

Two amazing ladies - not that unalike - who inspired me, both.

Let free your spirits here now live. Remembering your strength and courage in rocks; your smile delighting in waterfalls; your zest for life dancing in the clouds.

With thanks to M83 for the anything but sad soundtrack which I paraphrase in the title, and Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill for the 10 months spent filming in Yosemite: what an incredible place to watch the sun come up.

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