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A face. As moonlight shines, devenir gris

One of my all time unforgettable favourite tracks, from the unique Visage, Fade to Grey. Released in 1980, blows you away even today.

The original video had some very memorable imagery, but overall didn't do the song justice. Now Framax67 has here created a cover instrumental version with absolute love and respect (for his wife, most impressed). The accompanying video captures impressively well the pure visual essence of Visage. My visage, my praise.

Honouring the band's pioneering musical creation is absolutely necessary, it can't be beaten. It was Steve Strange's slightly mysterious vocal and lyrics ('one man on a lonely platform, suitcase sitting by his side....'), contrasting with the french voice of Brigette Arens, that added timeless perfection.

I was so glad when Visage came back with an incredible new album Hearts and Knives in 2013: then, so sad whilst learning more about the band and its front man - as Steve passed away in 2015. Material being worked upon before his death has just been released......can't wait to listen. In poignant words of a great song, 'don't go looking for a Hidden Sign....I'm begging you for my forgiveness....wherever you're going, (amended:) I will follow '.

New Romantics enriched and brightened the lives of others. That will never die.

Nachthorn's remix sees to that...

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