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Pure essence of love

Forgive me, matters of the heart aren't easy to explain. This video of 2 short films by Arev Manoukian attempts it very well. Ólafur Arnalds Only the Winds theme is beautifully matched. Enjoy and immerse yourself of the powerful emotions on finding the love of your life:

Time stands still

Nothing else matters

An uncontrollable desire to be there, always

A complete selfless focus of thought

The way eyes meet

Crazy passionate responses

Ultimately, a willingness to die for that someone

Now I don't condone crossing the road without looking, or walking through windows; but if in a short romantic fantasy movie it reminds us all what true love is, then I will let that go.

A tender kiss to my darling wife, Joanne x

(Woe is me - an irreplaceable hybrid combination video has been deleted! If the owner reads this - please consider uploading again if allowed! Until then, we have the original film and music above (98% perfect, but not quiet as touching without Olafur Arnalds tune - added below - let the reader see which heartstrings are pulled more).

and the latter half of the video, also on high recommendation:

Goes to prove - as a general rule - first versions of anything captivate us seemingly more.

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