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Iconic car, thanks q

December 18, 2018


One bond movie, one sleek clever car, one never forgets.


This car chase escape scene surpasses all others (nice exhaust note, too); the underwater music to Stromberg's hideout was to garner my taste for John Barry's themes; the drive back onto the beach has to be one of the coolest cinematic moments. Brocolli magic, Moore suave, Bach beautiful. 


So a playful liking beginning as a child somehow extends into the seriousness of adulthood. 


I remember as a boy the Lotus Esprit Turbo was one of my favourite toys.


How lucky is Elon Musk to now own that boy fantasy. Only $986,000!

Do Tesla plan to make a reasonably priced electric car-submarine convertible I wonder?


Better ask Father Christmas....or else hope The Spy Who Loved Me is on Boxing Day again. 


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