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Picture this

The Best of Blondie was one of my first and forever favourite albums.

How very fine and enjoyable it is to watch this Glasgow 1979 live concert 40 years later: it is a blast-out amazing showcasing gig. Join in with the love of audience once again.

Blondie, a band of unique raw talent: Harry's incredible vocals and stunning looks; Clems' work-out intense drumming rhythms; Stein and Harrison's crisp melodic guitar magic; Destri's keyboards and songwriting.

Picture this - the first time I came across the phrase 20/20 vision. Not that back then I would of understood what it meant quite as I do now. It wasn't one of my most admired songs, not when there where so many other greats like Heart of Glass and Union City Blue. Perhaps not so surprising, I like it a whole lot more now.

Stars live in the evening, but the very young need the sun.

My 3 lesser known pieces of pure platinum performance plutonium:

Bright lights & thunder rapturous vocals

& still able to knock the socks off all competition. Decades of still our number one.

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