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Mercury rocking the Live Aid stage

Seems like only yesterday. 1985, Wembley, big bands galore, summer sun, a rousing Bob Geldof day of charity for Ethiopia.

I did not like Queen at all when younger. It is interesting how an appreciation can grow. Steadily, and then more exponentially.

There is no doubt Freddie's star shone supernova bright that evening. He owned that stage in little more than a T-shirt & vest. He entertained a 72 thousand crowd with ease, the focused effort to bring enjoyment mercilessly sweated out in lung fulls. Witness the adoring audience participation uplifting humanity to the cause.

One Youtube video (now deleted) stood as testament to a one off brilliant inspiring performance, raking up 130 million views. Long live Freddie, the rock opera. The show must go on....

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