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Rembrandt's incredible etchings

It is hard to believe so much detail can be captured with nothing more than a series of lines.

Ink print sketching away on copper plate, nearly 400 hundred years ago, the artistic talent of Master Drawer Rembrandt is almost beyond comprehension. The focus of light, the dramatic shadow of dark, the rendering of texture. For me, better than his still astonishing paintings.

In etching, Rembrandt displays a vivid understanding - broken down - of what it is and how we see.

With joint thanks to the Rembrandt Huis Museum in Amsterdam, & Gladiator23111 for creating this video gallery.

(Woe is me - an irreplaceable video has been deleted! If the owner Gladiator23111 reads this - please consider uploading again!)

Until then, I have created my own version in praise of the great van Rijn, added a twist in Pilotpriest - Congratulations.

Cheers, gentlemen.

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