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London, capturing a century of time

Time travel back to the Victorian era.

It's not that long ago really, only 100 years, but observe how much has changed in dear old London. This is an absolutely fascinating video by Yestervid which deserves detailed attention. A testament to the history of film preservation and the history of the Capital.

The old buildings and landmarks don't change, but acquire new pop-up neighbours. Shops have modernised, acquired new sleek plastic signs and fronts. Its the traffic differences most noticeable, horse and carts, roofless old cars, and trams - to the big red buses and smooth bulkier cars. Street lamps were much more classy back then.

Odd what happened to our clothing habits, hats and suits to puffer jackets and trainers. Looking at faces and mannerisms though, it seems hearts and minds haven't altered at all.

Document the recording technology advancement: we have gone from black and white, shaky and grainy to Youtube, drone cameras and digital colour 8k+.

What will the next short step 100 years of hold? It will be equally hard to believe. Here's to predicting Arthur C Clarke magic in vast sky buildings, personal propulsion by mini-copter, laser guided transportation, robotic super intelligence, 3D projected images.

Trust in that Big Ben's chimes will no doubt always ring out true.

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