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Unbelievable courage in the fight for freedom: D-Day

The horror of war is difficult to imagine.

The invading evil killing ideology of Hilter's Nazi Germany hell bent on taking over Europe had to be stopped.

It took intelligence, code-breaking interception, and purposeful misdirection.

Military planning on a massive scale.

Immense levels of individual bravery.

Ultimate human sacrifice in a pitiful charge against a hale of machine gun bullets and mortar bombs, until the retaliation footing gradually took hold, and the tables turned.

Those Normandy beaches bear souls who gave of their lives to bring peace.

What occurred 75 years ago needs to be extensively taught and explained. It has taken me far too long to understand.

I honour those brave men. Time for action, zero hour for destiny....

May remembering of their battle against tyranny and injustice remind us all what peace and freedom truly means.

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