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To visit Scotland, or Death Stranding

A most difficult choice for Pilotpriest's beautiful Matter.

What's this? A great music video, or a new film trailer?

No, this is (merely) the advert for an immersive action computer game not out until November 2019. Enhanced by merger, thanks to Ulrich Nietzsche.

Even those not recent to modern gaming (me) might be tempted. What has happened here? To play within a puzzle futuristic fantasy adventure story film of awesome graphic design and eye-grabbing visuals....(or take a camera north of the border to the land of the Lochs, the alternative very worthy YouTube choice).

Things have come a very very impressive long way since Pong in 1972....

.....and Arcade 10p slot Space Invaders....

...and these were exciting of popular demand enough.

Talk about how to build industrial hyper-level-hype. But here it seems masterclass fully earned. Hideo Kojima entertainment praise be.

I give in. Scotland tourism should receive a boost. Life balance happiness.

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