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Another eagle has crash landed

Space 1999: predicting 20 years ahead, now 20 years behind.

I had nearly forgotten Gerry & Sylvia Anderson's unmissable entertainment from the 1970s.

The bombastic theme takes you straight back. The sets & sounds remain futuristic.

My, those Eagles made great toys, a memorable favourite (after the Batmobile).

Couldn't recognise the similarity to Thunderbirds then, but do now. The model work was terrific. Italian inspired interior design could be in furniture showrooms today.

Remembering Maya, the shape-shifting alien who could picture in her eye and effect a molecular transformation into an assortment of creatures. Nice eyebrows by the way.

Who would have thought life on the moon could be this dangerous. Thanks to EmThreeBlog for editing & popping in the romantic score.

Well now, the tides persist & the moon is still in orbit: Commander Koenig & crew, I wonder where you would be now if this were not the case.

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