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Titanic safety lessons

A moment's silence to remember those who perished.

The story now being taught even to young children.

The most prestigious beautiful ship ever built.

Famous for all the wrong reasons.

A heart-breaking tragedy, sinking the unsinkable, an iceberg ripping a hole in the hull, on a maiden voyage.

1500 died.

02:20hrs, 15 April 1912.

An awful maritime disaster, never to be forgotten.

Humanity's sorrow continues: an icicle shard in each of our hearts.

How could this happen? A string of human errors.

Maritime safety vastly improved as a direct result.

But how quickly we can forget: often similar circumstances continue to arise. 74 years later there was Chernobyl.

Have we learnt?

[Time pressure, management pressure, financial pressure]

[Equipment issues, resource issues, support issues]

There is a degree of risk in life's everything.

A unique video well to remember, thanks go to Yestervid; a perfect choice of thoughtful touching music by Bobby Cole.

We owe it to ourselves & to honour victims of all such catastrophes.

To be individual and corporate giants of quality & safety first.

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