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Who was the most interesting person who ever lived?

Leonardo da Vinci.

Absolutely a one man definition of supreme intelligence & perspicaciousness.

The Mona Lisa, his most famous work, ok, somewhat charming / slightly underwhelming (!)

But in these detailed sketch drawings - brought cleverly back full of life after 500 years by Surliuflorin & Hans Zimmer's sound stage work - we see something else, even more precious, entirely.

Top notch imagination. A burning natural curiosity. Meets detailed observation. Pondering all inventive thought.

Appreciating the arts and science equally, now that's difficult.

The warm genuine gift of great personal appeal, kindness, and generosity.

Now imagine a fizzingly stimulating evening of conversation........

I thoroughly recommend watching Renaud Chabrier's morphing animation bring life to Leonardo's sketches - hit the youtube link:

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