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The basis of memory

Some of the most powerful emotions are provoked by stimulating forgotten memories.

A linked thought, an old photograph, a unique smell.

Where the hippocampus, neocortex and amygdala jump into play. Exactly how long-term and short-term memory traces are laid down in the human brain is unknown. Across a trillion neuronal interconnections. What an incredible organic feat. Paul Reber estimates an equivalent storage capacity of 2.5 peta-bytes (maybe a bit less allowing for the annoying quirky glitches).

Remembering. The foundation of all education. Intelligence. Knowledge. And just about every useful activity.

It's all in there somewhere, learning artful dodger retrieval student tricks is the key. Use it or loose it.

Unlike the movie, no-one should wish for Total Recall. Thanks to Neros77 for reminding us of old TV's & VHS tracking problems, mixing with The Canyons by PilotPriest....sublimity.

Stepping back, occasionally, to where you have been before seems to make life so complete....and raise goosebumps on neurons.....

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