Can eyes act?

On the stage or screen (not slit-lamp): Shakespearean.

This post needs a film score - open Read More - play second video simultaneously for maximum effect.....(only thereafter, watch third and fourth videos).

Look. It's what the directors wanted.

Usually a dramatic moment. Sometimes scary. Sometimes emotional.

Mirrored memories off the cornea.

Stars in their pupils.

Thanks go to Mortimer Plubtree. Blink to the beat of silver bullet by Pilotpreist, yet another dreamy musical masterpiece.

#Hit loop and play both. Ophthalmologist heaven#

Hollywood, however, has been beaten into second place.

In my opinion, first prize goes to Honcho Media: the finest, unrivalled, gorgeous macro photography film shot of the human eye ever.....

....extremely well done.

And finally, it all ends in a well of tears....suggest watch Crying by sweetassugarcandy with beautiful track White Blazer by Pilotpriest playing on lower video your hitting the emotion.

Leaves me wondering if all really upset eyes develop such torsional movements.....the inferior and superior obliques receiving floods of raw cut-up supranuclear state inputs perhaps.

Reduced to tissues and need of a hug.

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