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Impossibly beautiful craftsmanship

Apollo & Daphne, I place thee both as the greatest artwork sculpture in all eternity.

Created with divine inspiration.

From mountain quarry to marble carving, this video from the Frilli Gallery gives us a glimpse of the tremendous effort required.

Modern power tools clearly help with this tough labour and dust intensive job.

Massive respect must go then to Bernini for the original. With only hand tools, imagination, and a great deal of patience.

Constant looking, standing back, caliper measurements, brain decisions: all translated through hands, hammer and chisel.

In admiration and appreciation of every carefully carved contour, of every single removed chip.

Behold, the priceless master, in the Galleria Borghese, Rome.

Photographed at a perfect angle and in a perfect light by Alvesgaspar.

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