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Night drive sight

The cloak of darkness presents challenges to vision which are not always immediately appreciated, but should not be ignored.

Start by watching this hyperspeed video by ShadowLifter. I suggest listen alongside Makeup and Vanity Set's Stalker to heighten the senses:

See everything? Judgement spot on? Task difficulty? Reflexes awake?!

In nocturnal vision we have way, way less detailed resolution to rely upon. Hardly surprising then that road accident rates triple.

Just left a bright lit office? Know that it takes 20-30 minutes to fully dark adapt. Beware pedestrians on unlit curbs, cyclists with no lights.

Headlights aren't much really in distance scope or field to cut through the grey-black night tunnel ahead. Traverse it slowly.

Oncoming headlight dazzle is a major hazard. Train the eyes away to the road ahead and nearside gutter.

Add wind and rain or mist....for total windscreen aberrations. Love your wipers as much as blinking.

Don't drive blind.

We are not nocturnal creatures. Humans do not possess the retinal mirror of a tapetum lucidum.

Drivers must adapt. Adopt a super protective 'hypolapse' style well under the speed limit.

Passengers on the Trip - fair ye no better - a historical drive by view, chill from the moving Still Corners:

Take effort to be sure of what might lurk in the shadows.

Behold St Christopher and go your way in safety.

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