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roue Cyr

Acrobatics & spinning are no strangers to each other.

Seen performed within a rolling dancing circle is uniquely gasp inducing.

Defying the physics of balance & what should stay upright.

Deserving of any audiences' dizzied praise.

Angelica Bongiovonni & her superb dancing wheel performance: once seen is not enough.

Truly unforgettable.

It really was best put by the commentator Cognitive Dissonance:

"There is something incredible about this, about how intimately and with undoubting certainty she knows her chosen tool. Like a violinist knows his beloved instrument, like a swordsman knows his favorite blade, every movement is anticipated and perfect, no uncertainty left after endless hours of training until the synergy reaches a point that metal hoop becomes a partner, more of an extension of herself, than a tool. It's incredible to watch."

All inconsistent thoughts dissolved, I couldn't agree more.

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