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Ancient stone tech-mythology

Whether it be in Egypt, Peru, Easter Island, Turkey, Cambodia, India, or on the Salisbury plain.

Our ancestors from thousands of years before had an incredible and mysterious talent at stone working.

Megalithic blocks weighing tonnes, moved, shaped & built simply like pieces of timber. How?

Were they hinge swung on small stone-to-stone pivots to gain distance over ground?

Were they see-sawed over wooden logs to gain height? and then tipped into pits for vertical position? or side ways levered for lintels?

Accurate cuts, right angles & faces in perfect 3D symmetry. How?

Were they created with diamond encrusted circular saws, pipe drills and chisels?

I think we can discount aliens, ultrasonic cavitation, lasers, oxygen cutting lances & high psi water jets.

The sculptors were definitely gifted with the patience of the Gods they worshipped.

Egypt unlocked - thank you, the most intriguing history puzzle remains.

IQbit - thank you, mighty old meets mighty new sound.

This Cairo museum box piece with incomplete base lid cut errors has gained a new life of forensic admirers.

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