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Il Silenzio

Invidio capturing Rome during the Pandemic lockdown of 2020.

Romepix cries pure poetry:

"I weep for the beauty of Rome. I weep for the uncapturable past, for the love left prisoner in its marble, its stone, its brickways, its earth, its umbrella pines and cypress and magnolia trees and climbing pink wisteria and bursting blue forget-me-nots, for its blue and purple and orange and flame red skies, for its siren call of fountains and birds, for the echoes no-one hears in its piazzas for 30 days as it lies empty, waiting."

The Pantheon, seeing it all, the image of strength, an incredible oculus shot....

Keeper of hearts: the unseen Trevi Fountain, keeps to the ritual flowing us hopeful dreams of a better tomorrow, a bustling 2021.

A last winter of wait.

A first summer for absolute worldwide joy.

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