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A Strange Visage

New Romantics leading the ground-breaking way

Never mind the Shameless Fashion

Some talent comes along in your life & knocks you flat out

Locks firmly into you - forever

Bring back the 80s.....

In 2013.....a cracking new album

After being Lost In Static for 3 decades

On We Go

Burst out more Breathe Life magic

Emerged from Grey....kept Knife edge sharp

A Hidden Sign (nb what doctors do for a living)

Looking for more more more

I want to really know, not just read the tell-tale Diaries Of A Madman

A band of pure love for song-writing, sound, visuals

Add one mysteriously captivating voice, a Dreamer I Know

and who's that girl - She's Electric

But sadly Never Enough time - - -

Many like me are still reeling from the loss of 2015

- - - A Heart felt Tribute to Steve Strange

Oh my Visage

I Am Watching

First to back to where it started

Search within - blog "a face"

Last for the new legacy

What Demons of a gift to have had...

....left by you, Diamonds cannot die......& keep us alive

In finality, a hauntingly beautifully sung political reality. Steven Jones: reincarnate.

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