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Define progress

Our first encounters with the sound of synthesizers (& early videographic art).

It all started more than 50 years ago. How electronics have changed the World since then.

From Gershon Kingsley's first successful hit - what a tremendous analogue manual 'black & white' effort that was in 1969.

On a background of starling innovation.....

Here from a lovely ballad for the originator, Robert Moog.

Thanks to Paolo Di Nicolantonio....a true unique piece of harmonic heaven....

To Enzo Margaglio.....first look through the eyes of developmental comparison.

The second ground breaking track I recall, in modern twist form....

Progress perhaps to the greatest 'Where there's life' synth theme of all time....

Still, somethings superbly original, however, will never be surpassed by any remix. Chase (a favourite: heard once, never forgotten, re-found decades later) & Eternity have proven impossible to beat by any artist since Moroder.

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