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Game on Marbles

What an incredible illuminating graphics demonstration.

A good old-fashioned (ancient) childhood game.

Here becomes the focus of NVIDIA super computing GPU artificial intelligence power.

International collaboration huge effort by creative professionals to produce over half a terabyte of artistic talent pezzazz.

Multi-source dynamic ray-traced lighting. Real time rendering. An infinite palette of expression. Visual poetry.

Virtual reality is now supreme hyper realism.

Still, the detail of true nature as captured by the eye cannot be surpassed.

And how extremely brain enjoyable in sharp focus it is.

The more we look, the more we see, the more we smile.

My suggestion is to re-watch the above videos on mute - try a different perfect match soundtrack - hit play on below YouTube box.

First explore the scene some more in 1080p-1440p HD.

Then try again in 240p or 144p.....

Everything goes around full Circle.

Thanks to Phil France for this, another brilliant chilled moody driven tune, The First Thing That You Say.

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