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Leave the past behind

In future pursuit of happiness.

Forme pleine sleep disorder recognition of yet another awesome piece of work by Anthony Scott Burns. A new horror thriller movie about parasomnia and the effects of insomnia. A recalling of a difficult reality and bad dreams within a dream? Then a real nightmare within a true living neurological hell. Icicle down the back moments of the displayed dark spooky subconscious responsible for creating our rational and irrational fears. 5 stars.

Sarah - your next dream Come True ought to be this Hitchcock picnic drive. Great old-fashioned driving scene from To Catch a Thief. You will be the confident beauty in Grace Kelly testing Riff's nerves in Cary Grant on those sun-soaked Monaco hill-top bends.

For those adults brave enough to watch to the very clever ending the critics don't get:

And the superb album 'film track'. Gets happily inside your head:

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