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Licence to save cinema

.... the economy & the World. Save us Commander Bond from our post covid blues, lack of entertainment & loss of silver screen escapism.

Ian Fleming a one man salute: the author having the highest manners of taste & style, scope for adventure & travel, engaging all that is good against all that is evil.

The books are word craft brilliant. The themes songs and scores wonderful. The stunts and visuals spectacular.

This franchise still bring out the best in creativity, enjoyment and sales.

Here's to the end of all the upset and pain of CV-19. Now watch the World recover time for freedom.

Well done 007. CQ PDQ in LSQ.....

Another 10/10 Bond film. Gets you spy thinking. How true that the correct intelligence guides superior decisions in all difficult situations.

So, James, how will you return is the big question. The producers will be playing chess with all the possibilities. Could a double digital-surgical-skin disguise switch with Nomi come out top of this deck of cards?

And to the intriguing past of Dr Swann. You now hold two keys to unlock the secrets of the future....

Will it be Madeline, or perhaps only Matilde, that are forever yours?

Either way, there is no good about goodbye. Bond should come back blazing with Shirley Bassey.

Baddies - fictional & non-fictional - beware.

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