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Manors dreaming to be reborn

The tragedies of storm, fire, & impossible costs of up keep

Befall some of the most romantic imposing estates

Opulent design house magnificence will always appeal

Architectural splendour knowing no bounds

Long gone are the days when wealth was this easy

Long to adore the aspiration still

The sadness of ruins should not be lost forever

Still much surrounding history & beauty to enjoy

With thanks to those that still open the doors for us to enjoy

Whether by virtual example such as Silverbirch4444art

Or by physical business arrangements - stand out The National Trust Charity

How else would we experience the likes of my personal favourite Nymans....

from every flame disaster surviving beautifully weathered brick and tile angle

& lush gardens so crafted by hand painted by one of my patients, Mr Cyril Acton taking a little bit of (my heart bleeding still) inspiration back to our own homes.

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