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Photoshop jaw drop

Speechless to see the most famous subject of Leonardo da Vinci, as he must have observed. All we had left behind was a 500 year old aged & cracked oil painting, the most expensive in the World ($870 million estimate), but not the most flattering.

Respect for all artists, all media, all time, all displayed skilled abilities of capture.

Photoshopping has come in for much negative publicity owing to the false altering of what was true.

The PhotoshopSurgeon has redeemed his digital profession.

That image depiction can be sometimes justifiably be enhanced.

Our brains do work similarly - beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Perception should be positive, to make happy; when negative and without love this risks sadness.

An honest distinction needs always to be made though.

Original or enhanced.

Rose-tint glasses on, or off.

Most people know.

True beauty needs no filter.

Mona Lisa, like everyone else, scrubbed up well.

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