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Piercing the heart of perfection

A most breathtakingly stunning Röyksopp-Sundfør-Zawada mind-treasure masterpiece....

The dark venture of relationship doom

Lights may grow dim

Colour be lost

Sparks of truth

Fire burst all your senses of love alive again

I submit as the quantum best human visuo-musical experience ever created

Most certainly deeply profound, mystifying & magically reinvigorating

A mighty comeback, just what we needed.

Beautiful morphing Art-Imaginations - jewels like never before seen

It is to the artists that we owe our endeavour to climb rungs ever higher

Shrug off all indecision, fear & sadness

All hope is renewed.

Lifts us mentally far away (to Japan - for a little driving-phoria)

A maze-like wander over heavenly rocks, whilst still deliberating an old flame call

And finally this competition destroying neuronal explosion - a $1,000,000,000 piece of power art......

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