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Restore. Remaster. Remember.

Here venture into a time machine. Around the World 130 years ago, a display of some of the oldest film footage in existence from the1890s.

Artificial Intelligence at it's best delivery yet. Some incredible work afoot.

Digitisation. Motion stabilisation. Contrast optimisation. Frame interpolation. Speckle & dust cleanse. Colourisation. Upscaling to 4 & 8K. Gigapixels.

History relived in detail like we have never witnessed before.....

....from the more fun the deadly serious...

On the debate as to whether historic films should be enhanced or not - I say absolutely yes. The originals will stand in context.

More & more modern films are now also receiving a 21st Century make-over. Great for our enjoyment!

Artists alive. Performances that deservedly should live in sharp focus forever....

For these my favourite selections thanks go to Bioblaze Payne, Olden Days, & the INXS restoration team for the legend presence of Michael Hutchence.

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