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The birth of silver & gold

How is matter created?

Where do all the heavier elements come from?

The NICER telescope revealing more to pulsars than lighthouse beams of light.

When a star dies it is far from being dead.

First bang goes a supernova - lighter & some heavier atoms are born.

Neutrons then crushed, come alive.

But what goes on in the second most dense stellar object is still rather mysterious.

Certainly an intensely energetic place.

Could it be their mega-magnetic fields create the structure which binds structure of the universe together?

Now it seems they are the factory of those wonderous heavier elements.

For when two neutron stars collide, a mighty explosion ensues, second bang goes a kilonova.

Precious metals are born.

The periodic table is filled.

From pulsar to platinum; courtesy of synthwave to pulsation.

Welcome to the future, via the immensity of space & time

My thanks to Thomas Vymyslicky, NASA & Jaeger-LeCoultre.

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