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The most beautiful & inspiring home ever built

Storm force 5 blown away.

The graceful, humbleness & understated grandeur of Blackden Manor.

It has overtaken Chatsworth as my all time favourite awesome house I have seen.

More charming & a whole lot more luxury liveable.

More practical than a palace.

Attention to detail in bounds...

Even the old chimneys & garden gates are drop dead gorgeous.

This abode has everything....including (what an incredible toy) a radio telescope Jodrell Bank within landscape.

Congratulations to all home owners following on from the Kinsey family circa 1675, the original architect, builder, gardeners, interior designers, decorators, later day restorers, enhancers... yes the character of James Henry Sellers lives on in here from 1920 interventions through his 'simplicity, strength directness and integrity'.

Turn off estate agent sound, set video speed to x0.75, 1080p, hit play above then on play below video 3 seconds later, full screen, listen to this cool track instead.

Dreaming mode on.

Hooked? You are in love with Cannons too.


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