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Twists of Fate

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte’s classic 1847 tale of humanity and humility.

Top class directorship of Robert Stevenson in the 1943 movie version. Totally believable understated character acting from Peggy Ann Garner and Joan Fontaine. Orson Welles' Mr Rochester charms, but played overly pompous.

Here intertwined with Anthony Scott Burn’s superb new 2021 atmospheric synth exposition, WAKE M.E.

Bewilderment. Bewitching.

Misty moors, a blazing blinding fire

But oh what a happy Victorian ending....

Strange and interesting how life unfolds a peculiar path for us all.

Fortune favours the brave, patient and kindest of heart.

Adversity can make us stronger.

The interesting positive phenomenon of post-traumatic growth.

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