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With envious eyes

A toast to Jeff Wayne's musical opera of 1978. And a new immersive London show experience by Layered Reality.

Still an out of this world superb music wonderful to full-sight see it performed live, conducted by the very man himself.

.....immense lyric imagery on a favourite track....

...and standing a huge test of time, HG Wells' novel was published in 1897, nearly 125 years ago.

Orson Welles scaring everyone silly in 1938 with a news bulletin style radio performance.

May be now only immersive multi-layered experience that will just have to be seen....

....and eventually was on 5 June 2021! Truly tops out as an out of this solar system, life-long memory fantastic show experience. Literally, sensational. Most highly recommended.

God bless all of those involved who put the rover Perseverance on the red planet.

The Martians would not have believed it. Hah!

Earthlings - this is incredible.....

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